Stone Breaker ~LiverPro Detoxification Starter!~


Stone Breaker consists of apple cider vinegar and organic whole lemon, which are the two powerful alkaline ingredients. Aple cider vinegar contans high level of malic acid which is an integral part of preparation before a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Malic acid is involved in the body metabolism to support aerobic metabolic functions, it helps to neutralize and soften stones and acidic substance, as well as enhance nutrients absorption especially calcium. Citric acid, extracted from organic whole lemon , is added into stone breaker to boost its effect of crystalline effect and acts as an antioxidant. Stone Breaker as a daily alkaline booster, can help in neutralizing acidic substances, relieving fatigue, restoring energy and whitening skin.

Therefore, taking Stones Breaker before LiverPro detoxification for preparation can effectively soften the liver, gallbladder stones in order to achieve optimal detoxification effect.




每日饮用1到2包,除了可预防结石, 还能达到美白肌肤的效果。



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